12 Apr

Baisakhi marks the day of Solar New Year in the Hindu calendar as well as the spring harvest. The festival is hugely famous in the state of Punjab and is celebrated with extreme joy and happiness. For Sikhs, their 10th guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji organized Khalsa on this day around two hundred years back. The brutal Jallianwala Bagh Massacre also took place on this very day.

Baisakhi is celebrated with fun, frolic and merriment every year. The date always falls on either 13th or 14th April. People enjoy the festival by making and eating some traditional Punjabi dishes. People of all ages also do the bhangra- the traditional folk dance of Punjab. Sometimes, women also perform Gidda- which is also the folk dance of Punjab, only performed by women.

On this auspicious day, people thank god for giving them good harvest and the opportunity to feed millions of people. Their worshipping takes place on the banks of rivers and canals. People also celebrate Baisakhi by going to Gurudwaras and distributing ‘Kada Prasad’ to people and family members. They also perform ‘Kar Seva’ i.e. doing physical labor in everyday works of Gurudwara. It is fortunate day where people forget their worries and enjoy with their loved ones.

We wish you a very happy Baisakhi.