27 Jul

Mangala Gauri Vrat is the special vrat observed by newly married women on Tuesdays for the first five years of their marriage. It is celebrated in almost all the places in India but, extensively celebrated in northern states like Bihar, Uttar-Pradesh, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pardesh and Punjab.

Vrat vidhina will explain when to do vrat’, where to do this vrat’, who has to do this Gauri puja’, who is the Goddess of this vrat’, vrat prepration methods and sankalp of Mangal Gauri puja.

Pooja procedure:

  1. Take a ceremonial bath from head on the day of Mangala Gauri vrat.
  2. Take green and red cloth and place it over the place of puja.
  3. Make Navgrahas using rice and Shodash Goddess using wheat.
  4. The idol of Lord Ganesha is placed in front of the puja place where the Goddess is placed.
  5. Kalash sthapana will be done as usual it is done in other puja’s.
  6. Lamp is lit and thereafter haldi, kumkum and Akshata to deepa.
  7. Water, sandalwood, bel leaves, vermillian, beetal nuts, fruits, nuts, rice flower and alms are offered during the puja of Lord Ganesha.
  8. Some people worship Lord Ganesha in the form of Kalasha.
  9. After Lord Ganesha’s pujan Navgrahas are worshipped and then puja of Shodasha Goddess is performed.
  10.  Shodashopchar is a puja offered to Goddess Mangala Gauri. (16 steps puja procedure).
  11. 16 types of flowers and fruits, mirror, comb, bangles and other things of adornment are offered to the goddess.
  12. In the end of a vrat, Mangala Gauri vrat katha is recited, without this katha the vrat is known to be incomplete.
  13. At last, when the vrat of last Tuesday of Sharvan Maas is completed, jagran is observed in the night and the next morning the idol of Mangala Gauri is immersed in the pond ( Mangala Gauri Visarjan/ Udyapan).
  14.  After this, prasadam is distributed among married ladies.


Here, are some revered mantras that are chanted during the entire puja.

Story associated with Mangala Gauri vrat

Mangal Gauri puja is performed with the intention that Goddess Gauri will bless your home with auspiciousness, material prosperity and happy married life. This vrat is mentioned in the Bhavishyoththra Purana, a Hindu religious text.

Udyapan Vidhi:

On the last Tuesday of Shravan maas, one must do udyapan. Get up early in the morning and invite acharya to the home. Then acharya would install the kalashas of Uma maheshwari, Ananta, Brahma, Ganpatya, Kumaar, Shachi Puranadar separately on Lingatobhadra mandalam.

However, if installation of all kalashas is not possible, at least five kalashas should be installed. On the day of udyapan sixteen suvasinis have to be invited and then perform Mangala Gauri puja all together.

Then invite your guests on bhojanam, gratify them with prasadam and thereby your udyapan gets completed successfully. This vrat brings enormous wealth and prosperity in your life.