01 Mar

As the festival of colors; holi arrives tomorrow, it brings the many expressions of life with its colors. Holi is celebrated as the arrival of spring after the cold winter and also as the triumph of good over evil. On this day, all the barriers of classes, castes and religions break down and people come together as one to celebrate. Here, enemies become friends drenched in the color of harmony and compassion. As we all know, colors play a very essential role in celebrating this festival which is why, holi is played by ‘gulal, rang or sometimes even by flowers’. Gulal is prepared by flowers and dyes in different colors like red, green, yellow etc, but do you know what these different fluorescent, vibrant colors represent? If not, we’ll tell you.

Different colors of holi indicate different expressions and emotions of life.

 The color Red symbolizes passion, love and happiness. It also brings about a sentiment of strength and authority.

Blue signifies feeling of calm and serenity. The color indicates trust and peace.

Green is associated with fertility and new beginnings. It also denotes balance and progress. Green provides synchronization and composure.

Yellow is a symbol of wit and intelligence. It also emits the spirit of joyfulness.

Orange represents Hinduism, excitement and inspiration. It is a color of social interaction and positivity.

Pink shows a sense of friendliness and femininity. It gives off the essence of care and nurture.

Have a Happy and Safe Holi!