23 Jul

Shani Dev is born out of fire while Lord Hanuman popularly known as ‘Pawanputra’ is born out of air.  It is believed that one should not do the business of oil on Saturdays; however ironical is offering oil to Lord Hanuman on the same day brings fortune.

Now the story that describes the unique relationship between Lord Hanuman and Shani Dev goes like this; after completing his education, Lord Hanuman wanted to repay to his Guru Lord Surya. However, Lord Surya had never wished for any gurudakshina but on continuous insistence of Lord Hanuman he asked him to mend his son’s (Shani Dev) ways. Shani Dev never listened to his father’s word which was very upsetting for Lord Surya. It was then, when Lord Hanuman decided to teach Shani Dev a lesson.

Lord Hanuman thereby enters into Shani Lok and pleads him to return to his father. Shani Dev who was filled with arrogance couldn’t believe that Lord Hanuman had entered into his kingdom without any efforts. Therefore, he decides to teach Lord Hanuman a lesson. He climbed over his shoulder and enforced all his energy in order to harm him, but to his surprise the whole act of harming Lord Hanuman was a failure. He couldn’t move him by an inch.  

This made Shani Dev realize his mistake and Lord Hanuman’s power. Lord Hanuman released Shani Dev from his catch on the condition that he will return back to his father. After this Shani Dev asks Lord Hanuman for til and tail (oil) to reduce his pain. Since then, it has been a ritual to offer oil and black til to Shani Dev, as it soothes his pain. Hence the practice of worshipping Shani Dev with til and tail on every saturday. People stand in queues for hours to ease out and get rid of their shani dosh with til and tail offerings to the GOD.   

Not to miss is an important belief that Shani Dev received all his powers as a virtue for his worshipping of Lord Shiva. Therefore if you worship Lord Shiva, you will receive the blessings of Shani Dev also.

 Hence, through the story it is very much clear that Lord Hanuman is the symbol of selflessness while Shani Dev symbolizes ego and pride. Thus, it is said to counter the karma born out of selfish act one must be humble like Lord Hanuman.