Lord Krishna appears here in the form of Jagannatha.

The greatest attraction of Puri is the world famous Jagannatha temple. This holy place is known primarily for its Trinity (Trimurti) establishment. Jagannatha of Puri is stunningly different from all other deities worshipped in the entire Hindu Pantheon, mainly for the reason for Jagannatha represents all the Gods and Goddesses of the entire Hindu world. Lord Jagannatha is none other than Shri Krishna and like his abode in Vrindavana where he had spent his childhood, this place is known as his Purushottama-Kshetra.   

In the iconic temple reside the idols of Lords Jagannatha, Balabhadra and the Goddess Subhadra on the ornamented platform of inner sanctum. As per a conventional folktale, it is said that the original image of Jagannatha was manifested near a banyan tree. It was manifested at the end of treta yuga, near seashore in the form of the Blue Jewel. The idol was so astounding that it had granted salvation instantly to many souls which is why God Dharma and Yama wanted to hide it beneath the earth. However, in Dwapara yuga, King Indradyumna of Malwa found this image after performing the harsh penances of Lord Vishnu. He thereby fabricated the magnificent idol of Jagannatha out of a wood log that was picked up from the sea, followed by a divine instruction received by him.

It was in the era of 7th century when the visit of Sankaracharya to Puri took place and thereafter founded the Govardhan Matha. Puri has gained a very special significance out of one of the four dhamas in India. It is known to be the eastern dhama. The temple represents an integration of all Hindu cultures, present in diversified forms in all over India. This spectacle is the depiction of Vaishnavism, Shaktism and Shaivism.

Another captivating view of Puri is its sea beach acclaimed to be one of the best sea beaches of the world. Numerous beach complexes have developed around the sea at Puri and nearby places over the years. Also, the sea is shallow and hence is suitable for sea-bath. But on the auspicious occasions during the year, special care should be taken to avoid rush against waves. To enable thousands of worshippers to take bath in the sea, four sacred tanks are there, named as: Indradyumna, Narendra, Markenda and Svetaganga.

Ratha-Yatra festival is one of the overwhelming events of the whole panorama. Lord Krishna is worshipped here in his unique form i.e Lord Jagannatha and all over the world. The parade of the chariots of Lord Jagannatha, brother Balarama and sister Subhadra is an yearly event celebrated at the home of Lord Jagannatha in India. He is considered to be highly worshipped God by the followers of all the religious cults that comes under the purview of Hinduism. This kind of integration of cults and creeds can be rarely seen anywhere in the world.

It is considered to be the most merciful place that helps us to return back to Godhead. Therefore, it is firmly believed that Jaganntha Rath-Yatra in many cities around the world fortifies many conditioned souls from the spell of illusion.

Puri is an embodiment Indian mythology and culture and a visit to this prehistoric city ensures bliss in future.


Interesting facts about Jagannatha temple in India:-

  1. Jaganntha puri is one of the most sacred places around the world and known to have granted moksh to many starving souls. This city gives you an eternal calm and composure that will ultimately help you to return back to Godhead.
  2. One of the tallest monstrosities in the entire subcontinent of India and is heighted 214 feet above the ground level.