Accidentally discovered in the year 1999 Nandishwara Teertha Shiva temple is one of the oldest temples of India. The surprising fact related to the discovery of this estimate 7000 years old temple is when, the ground was dug out the entire structure came out along with Shivalinga and the water was flowing out of the mouth of ‘Nandi’. Till date experts are unable to find out the source of this spring. This incredible discovery of an ancient temple has left questions unanswered.   

As per the localites, before its discovery the temple was entirely submerged and the land above it had a Banana Orchard, a dried up old pond and some plain flat land where the local children used to play.  At the end of the courtyard was found an engraved statue of ‘Nandi’ with black stone eyes painted in gold facing the south. The source of the spring and the way it is coming out is exceptional, when water flows from Nandi’s mouth it falls directly on the tip of main deity (Nandishwara or Dakshina Mukha Nandi Teertha) of the temple, The Shiva Linga.

The water is then collected in a small pool (Kalyani) at the centre of the courtyard, which is 30 feet below the idol of Nandi and when the pool gets filled up with water, it goes into the well located in the garden which is in front of the southern entrance of the temple.

There have been great efforts made by the localites to maintain the beauty of the Mandir intact and restore its old glory. There is a mural on the back of the idol of Nandi which is completely encased in the metal frame for safety purposes. The gardens around the temples with its flora has been retained as it is and the couple of plants and trees has been added to it such as Rudraksha, Neem, Bilwa, Banni, Parijatha etc. The temple for its simple reason that it has been identified in the most mysterious manner makes it unique. The temple here is underground.

The temple itself is enveloped by a strange sense of serenity.  In today’s life, while everybody is wandering in the search of peace and calmness, the place like this gives you immense satisfaction, in terms of internal peace and freedom from all the material bondages. You could spend hours sitting on the steps made of stones of the pond amidst vital peace and composure.  

Some of the most interesting facts about the Shri Nandishwara Teertha Temple of India:

  1. While discovery when the mouth of the Nandi statue was getting cleaned a small miracle took place, a spring of water started pouring out uninterruptedly.
  2. The architecture of the temple is unlike the usual Shiva’s temple, where the idol of Nandi is situated in front of the Shiva’s Linga; here it is placed on top of the Shiva’s Linga.